Welcome! we are Raquel & Hamlet architect and engineer by profession and a happily married couple since 2012.

As you can tell by the picture, we love kids a lot, but our dinner table wasn’t always this crowded and colorful, and we didn’t always enjoy the never-ending cycles in the car of: are we there yet Dad? as sadly, we had to endure 2 consecutive miscarriages before being blessed with our 4 boys.

With the birth of our second child, we questioned ourselves “Is there a way to cope with more than one kid under 2 Years and remain productive?”  we hoped to find the answer in baby wearing.

After some really bad experiences (It even hurts our back and shoulders to remember them), we discovered the wonderful all-powerful drop down from heaven baby wrap, comfortable even after prolonged use. In short words, we were hooked up! we felt like extra limbs were available (yes, they were actually our own just that it is just until that moment that they were actually available to us again).

Wearing our babies was the most wonderful experience: vaccination shots, using computer, traveling, shopping…  we threw every possible situation at it and arose victorious. We liked it so much that we even adopted the no-stroller policy as it was so practical, light and quick to use.

We got so amazed and engaged with babywearing that it became a hobby, which after researching the science behind it, became a passion. When science backs up something that feels so natural is because is true, without a doubt!. We started to share this knowledge and findings to fight common miss-beliefs like leaving Kids to cry out (seriously, how natural could that be?).

We shared this wonderful experience with our family and close friends, which turned this passion into a vision of creating a brand that could help parents life easier and more enjoyable in the same way that our old babywrap did with us. Thanks to the numerous success stories within our followers, the Babykargo brand was actually born with the core values of quality tested products and family like service.

With love and dedication, our products have been thought out to the tiny detail from the design to the packaging, with the sole interest of enhancing your experience. And as responsible parents that we are, each of our products have been tested by recognized laboratories ensuring that you receive a quality and safe product.

Up until now it has been our story, but what matters, is how we can make yours better.

From our Family to Yours, thank you!

Raquel and Hamlet.

Founders of BabyKargo